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Australasia's leader in the development and supply of products which enable concrete slabs on ground to be constructed durably and economically.


ConsultancyLesa Systems specialises in the design, detailing and construction of slabs on ground.

Concrete floors, for all their apparent simplicity, are not straightforward to design or construct. Their construction is highly specialized work, which many in the construction industry do not fully understand.

It is very easy for problems to occur. The floors in many new buildings do not reach the standards which should have been achieved.

Older buildings may have floors which are damaged or are suffering deterioration. Problems may be simple to resolve, or very expensive to fix.

Lesa Systems offers a professional advisory service for building owners, prospective purchasers, tenants, and prospective tenants.

If there is a problem with a concrete floor, or if a pre-purchase or pre-lease inspection is required, consult us.