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Lesa Systems with over a decade of experience in steel fibre floor designs utilises Scanfibre to achieve the optimum performance in steel fibre reinforced concrete design.

Scanfibres offer the best performance combination for developing crack resistance, ease of mixing and placing, and effective fibre dispersion in the concrete matrix, all of which research and experience have confirmed as the keys to improved slab performance.

Scanfibres are manufactured using the highest quality high tensile drawn wire under a quality plan certified to ISO 9001 standards. Quality Control production testing ensures consistency of characteristics such as dimensional accuracy, tensile strength, and surface condition.

The Scanfibre range of fibres is designed to offer the optimum choice of fibre for a range of different fibre reinforced concrete applications including concrete floors, pavements, shotcrete, tunnelling and precast applications.

Steel Fibre benefits

The available literature on Scanfibre covers;


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Fibre dosage
Flexural toughness
Joint details


CHO80 / 60NB
CHO65 / 60NB
LHO50 / 50HD
CHO65 / 35NB
CHO55 / 30NB
LHO45 / 35NB


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Applications – Slab on Ground

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Applications – Shotcrete

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Design Guidelines For the use of SFRS in Ground Support

Steel fibre reinforced concrete offers both the designer & the contractor significant benefits.

  • For the designer it offers the benefits of increased flexural strength, impact resistance, corrosion resistance and durability compared to plain concrete.
  • For the contractor it offers increased placement speed and reduced placement costs.

Over the last 10 years millions of cubic square metres of steel reinforced concrete have been used in Australia to construct a range of different structures (roads, floors, tunnels, pre-cast tanks, etc.). Each year in Australia hundreds of thousands of square metres of steel fibre reinforced concrete is laid as concrete floors. The application and benefits gained by using steel fibre reinforced concrete is boundless.